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How do I check ticket sales?

  • From your GoFan Admin dashboard, ticket sales will show on the right side of the dashboard. If there are multiple ticket types being sold, click Edit on that event to see the breakdown of tickets sold for each ticket type.

How do I change the date/time of a game?

  • From your GoFan Admin dashboard, click Edit on the event and scroll down to the Date / Time field. Click the calendar icon to select the correct date and input the correct time (military time format).

How do I change the ticket capacity?

  • From your GoFan Admin dashboard, click Edit on the event to display the enabled tickets. In the limit box (next to the ticket price) enter the ticket capacity for that ticket type. If you have multiple ticket types, set the limit for each ticket type individually.

Private Links vs. Public Links

  • A private link is NOT listed on a school’s GoFan page and can only be accessed via the direct link. A public link is accessible via searching for the school’s GoFan page on GoFan.co.

How do I validate tickets?

  • Tickets are validated on the fan’s smartphone. The “Validate Tickets” button must be pressed at the gate to redeem the ticket and ensure no duplicate entry.

Can tickets be printed?

  • GoFan tickets cannot be printed. Fans are prompted when purchasing that all tickets must be presented on a smartphone.

Still Have Questions?

Reach out to the GoFan team at playoffs@gofan.co